Mediatoolkit is the fastest way to find out if important information for your business is mentioned online. It is a media monitoring & analytics tool that gathers information from millions of internet sources and notifies you in real time whenever your company, your competitors or your industry are being talked about. It is a simple tool anyone can use, and especially executives, marketing managers and PR professionals. Mediatoolkit is the only tool you’ll need if you want to know immediately when you are mentioned anywhere online, create detailed reports, measure your online media activities and discover meaningful insights behind every mention.

How it all began?

Mediatoolkit is a result of five years of development and testing aimed at creating the most powerful tool for online media monitoring. Using Mediatoolkit’s well established, real-time crawling, our users can track their queries and all the topics they are interested in. All this happens in real time, across the web (over ten million sources) and social media sources. When a new article is published and your keywords are mentioned, Mediatoolkit finds it right away and alerts you via email or push notification.

Use Mediatoolkit reports to gain deeper understanding of insights behind every mention – like who is talking about you among online influencers, where do the mentions come from and what is the sentiment behind every mention. Mediatoolkit puts a heavy emphasis on query setup. In order to minimize the number of irrelevant articles and spam, we made the whole process as simple as it gets, so that users could easily fine-tune their queries using our advanced features.



We are here to help people around the world make better business decisions by delivering them relevant information at the exact moment when they need it. We want to become the number one provider of relevant information for business people around the world.


Mediatoolkit is solving the problem of finding meaningful business information by building a global media monitoring, analytics & management solution with top-notch customer support that is easy to use for everyone.


Our team

Tomislav Grubišić, CEO & co-founder

Tomislav Grubišić

CEO, co-founder
Daniel Ackermann, CEO & co-founder

Daniel Ackermann

CEO, co-founder
Paško Pajdek, Lead Software Developer

Paško Pajdek

Lead Software Developer
Ivor Bihar, COO

Ivor Bihar

Antonio Tomac, Software Developer

Antonio Tomac

Software Developer
Branimir Pešorda, Software Developer

Branimir Pešorda

Software Developer
Antun Tomašević, Software Developer

Antun Tomašević

Software Developer
Petar Ćuk, Senior Account Manager

Petar Ćuk

Account Manager
Ivana Tafra, Customer Success Manager

Ivana Tafra

Software Development Intern
Brigita Žvikart, Customer Success Manager

Brigita Žvikart

Customer Success Manager
Dario Radošević, Account Manager

Dario Radošević

Account Manager
Matija Martek, PR & Marketing Assistant

Matija Martek

PR & Marketing Assistant
Marko Štefanek, Senior Account Manager

Marko Štefanek

Account Manager
Marta Cuculić, Junior Account Manager

Marta Cuculić

Account Manager
Leonard Laštro, Junior Account Manager

Leonard Laštro

Account Manager
Fredi Šarić, Software Developmer Intern

Fredi Šarić

Software Development Intern
Iva Glavinić, Marketing & PR Assistant

Iva Glavinić

PR & Marketing Manager
Mario Lončarek, Frontend Development Intern

Mario Lončarek

Frontend Development Intern
Igor Pekija, Customer Support Intern

Igor Pekija

Customer Support Intern
Antonija Markić, Customer Support Intern

Antonija Markić

Customer Support Intern
Martin Tomac, Software Developer

Martin Tomac

Software Development Intern
Antun Lucić, Account Manager

Antun Lucić

Account Manager
Nikola Krolo, Junior Account Manager

Nikola Krolo

Account Manager
Tomislav Smrečki, Mobile Development Intern

Tomislav Smrečki

Android Developer
Hrvoje Grubišić, Digital Designer

Hrvoje Grubišić

Digital Designer
Igor Bumba, Frontend Developer

Igor Bumba

Frontend Developer
Aleksandra Pijuko, HR Specialist

Aleksandra Pijuko

HR Specialist
Teo Toplak, Software Developer

Teo Toplak

Software Development Intern
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