People upload more than 1,000,000 social media posts every 60 seconds.

With Mediatoolkit, you’ll know which ones are about you.

Mediatoolkit inside

Make your social monitoring real time

Whether on the New York Times homepage or an obscure fan forum, Mediatoolkit will find your keywords seconds after they are mentioned. Here are all the sources we track:

  • Twitter and Instagram
  • Facebook Pages and Groups
  • YouTube and VKontakte
  • News websites, Forums, Blogs

Monitor in all languages and locations

Swedish, Swahili or Spanish? No problem: our global coverage ensures you’ll get news from anywhere.

  • Track in any language or script
  • Monitor by countries
  • Segment by sources
  • Track a single website, hashtag or fan page

Understand how your brand is performing

Mediatoolkit’s analytical dashboards will help you see where your brand is popular, and which areas need improvement.

  • Automated sentiment
  • Influencer dashboards
  • Engagement and reach
  • Share of voice by channels.

Keep everyone in the loop

Say goodbye to sending emails or asking others what is happening. Mediatoolkit makes sure all your colleagues and clients have access to the same dashboard & data.

  • Unlimited users
  • Data export
  • Mobile apps
  • Scheduled reports