Monitor 100 million social media sources in real-time.

Customers upload more than a million social media posts every 60 seconds. Mediatoolkit tracks them in real time, and delivers links to those about your brand.

Mediatoolkit inside

Control your online reputation

When you know everything that’s happening, you can react in minutes. Prevent a social media crisis before it spreads wings.

  • Real-time keyword tracking
  • Spike notifications for mention increase
  • Changing sentiment alerts
  • Mobile alerts

Improve your social media performance

Mediatoolkit’s reporting dashboards provide an in-depth view into your performance.

  • Find top locations
  • Find top influencers
  • Identify top performing social media channels
  • Discover guest blogging and PR opportunities

Be better than your competitors

Use Mediatoolkit to compare your social media activities to your competitors. You can even get notified about their posts.

  • Analyze share of voice
  • Compare sentiment towards brands
  • Get alerts for competitor announcements
  • See where they are investing most time

Create stunning reports in seconds

With more than 2000 beautifully designed dashboards, Mediatoolkit’s reports will make your clients say wow. Dig deep into data and find insights you won’t get anywhere else.

  • Analyze Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook mentions
  • Track YouTube, TripAdvisor, blogs and websites
  • Measure reach and engagement
  • Automated sentiment - available for any language!