Blogging is a great way of producing content that your customers will appreciate and want to engage with. With blog writing, you’re giving your customers useful, relevant and free information from which they can benefit. Writing content for your own blog is great. But you know what’s also great? Guest blogging!

Guest blogging comes with a lot of benefits for you and your brand. Here are the 3 reasons (although there’s many more) why you should start guest blogging.

Attract the audience to your own blog  

Creating quality content nowadays can hardly attract a new audience. Mainly because the content levels on the internet reached saturation point because everybody is writing, taking photos, filming and what not. In that sea of content, it’s hard to stand out. With guest blogging, you’re borrowing the audience and the authority of the blog you’re writing for to promote your own blog and services. All content creators are having trouble with content distribution, but some of them already have a faithful audience who follows them regularly. These creators are struggling with another problem. How to keep producing original and quality content? That becomes the reason why many of them start accepting guest blogs.

Work on SEO

You can improve your rank on search engines by collecting backlinks. There are a lot of questionable elements about SEO that experts are having debates about. But backlinks are not in that category. A bigger number of (quality) links undoubtedly has a positive effect on the site’s rank. Better rank brings more traffic to the site, and depending on your business goals, it can translate into new leads, sales, or other goals that are the reason you have the site in the first place.

It’s great for networking

It’s common sense that people who create content have an interest in the field they’re producing content about. For every professional, having a network of acquaintances with whom they can exchange experiences is very important. That’s why there are a lot of Facebook or Slack groups, forums, and blogs. Guest blogging is an excellent way to meet new people and with writing about common topics creating a network of acquaintances and potential opportunities.

We are assuming that if you’re reading this blog, you’re probably doing PR and/or marketing. If you have experiences that you wish to share, we would like to hear them! The topics that interest us are revolving around media monitoring and social listening. For example, if you want to write about content marketing, include social listening in it.

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