Working in PR industry is very dynamic process which requires a lot of research on various topics. You need to be on top of everything, and at the same time have relevant and real time information. PR professionals are often overloaded by a lot of tasks and don’t have much time to waste. Also, every time you’re searching for any kind of information during your working hours, you not only waste your time, but also your company’s money.

Solution to a large part of the time problem is media monitoring – activity of monitoring the output of both media efforts alongside your earned media. With the following examples I’m going to explain 5 ways in which media monitoring can save your precious time.

What is being said about you/ your company/ your employees

Media monitoring includes the collection of data from your owned media (for example your Facebook page) and online customer sources such as forums, blogs, news etc. It’s important to monitor those online sources because they inform you how your product or service is perceived by users and/or general public. Simply said, media monitoring lets you know whenever you’re mentioned online, and enables you the complete real time control of your online presence.

Media monitoring tools such as our own – Mediatoolkit, enable you to monitor any kind of information you are interested in. That means, you can monitor mentions of yourself, your company and your employees in the same way as any other topic you are interested in. You just need to set up adequate keywords as we already explained.

Press release distribution tracking

In other words – nightmare of every PR professional! How many times have you written one of those amazing press releases, and wasn’t sure if it got published? Clever use of media monitoring can solve this kind of problem for you, as we already explained in detail. Media monitoring tools enable you to track any topic you are interested in, so you just need to make your press release one of these topics. Set up the words from title of your release, alongside with your brand’s name, and you’ll be notified every time there is a mention of your brand in this kind of context.

PR professionals are often overloaded by a lot of tasks and don’t have much time to waste
Working in PR industry requires a lot of research on various topics. PR professionals are often overloaded by a lot of tasks and don’t have much time to waste. Stop wasting your time and start monitoring!

Tracking clients and competitors and their clients

As I already mentioned, media monitoring enables you to track any kind of topics. For example you can track your clients. It is important to have real time information about your clients i.e. what is being said about them especially in online media. Why is online so important? It’s because online means real time conversations with billions of internet users! You need to be in total control of your clients reputation, so you can properly react when crisis comes. Alongside your current clients, you shouldn’t forget about other equally important categories that need to be monitored, such as your competitors and their clients.

Tracking of trends and news from industry

PR industry is always changing. To be successful you need to be on top of all the trends, news and success stories all the time. I know it takes a huge amount of time to daily check out and process all this information, and as I said, time is money. You need all this information in one place, as simple as possible, and with smallest amount of time wasted. Media monitoring is again a hero that saves your time! Media monitoring tools provide you with all the relevant information, free from spam in real time with possibility of daily and weekly email digests.

Pitch research and preparation

When working in PR agency one of your daily tasks is research on your future clients. You have to be completely prepared for your pitch, and that includes information you can’t find on clients website or by googling them. Media monitoring tools can save you a lot of time when investigating this kind of information and also provide you with hidden and historical data on such important topics.

These are just some of benefits media monitoring provides to professionals from PR industry. Stop wasting your time and happy monitoring!


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