Once you’ve downloaded our Android App, we bring you all the tips and tricks you need to know in order to take advantage of its full potential. Or if you’re already a regular user of our Android app, look out for little tips and hacks you probably didn’t know were there.


Getting You Set up with a Mediatoolkit Account

After you’ve downloaded our app, you’ll need a Mediatoolkit account. Tap on the Get started button in the bottom-right corner to easily create your Mediatoolkit account (which will contain your keywords to track.) If you already have an account, click on Login to access your keywords, and feel free to scroll down to the next paragraph App Layout.


Tap Connect with Facebook to easily create a Mediatoolkit account using your Facebook data. We won’t post without your permission, don’t worry, we just want to use your basic Facebook info (like your name) to help you get set up, so you don’t have to enter it yourself. Or you can create an account by entering your email and choosing a password.


App Layout

The app has three main screens, which you navigate by swiping left and right, or by tapping the three icons: Feed, Groups and Alerts. Additionally, there is a Settings screen in the top-right corner where you can send us your feedback, reset tutorial messages or log yourself out of the app; and a big plus icon on its left, which you tap on whenever you want to add a new keyword.

The Group Screen

Let’s start with the Group Screen, the middle one. Here you can select which keyword group’s mentions you want to view in your Keyword Screen. The cog icon next to every group can be used to delete the group or specific keywords inside a group. Notifications are toggled on and off at group, not keyword level, so think things through before you group your keywords. (But, don’t worry, you can always edit your keyword groups.) Tip: When adding keywords, group similar keywords into groups, like your competition, or your key people, so you can view a feed of all your competitors’ mentions put together, or a feed for each individually.



The Feed

This is the main screen. Here you can see all the mentions of your keywords in a set group. Simply tap on an article or social post to view it in full inside the app, or tap the top-right corner icon to open it in your smartphone’s default web browser.


Tip: On the icon’s left hand side is a share icon, so you can quickly and easily share the article, especially if it’s a favorable one! You can also access these options by touching and holding any article in the feed to quickly share it via Facebook, Twitter or any other app from your device. We love Android’s openness!


At the bottom, you can switch from Important feed to All mentions (check our blog post where we explain the difference between the two). You can also sort your feed of mentions by time when it was published or by its online performance.




The Alerts Screen

Alerts are the superstar feature of the Android app. Thanks to our quick crawlers, mentions of your keywords can appear in real time in your feed, when you’re looking at it. Push notification alerts save the day when you’re not inside the app, looking at your feed. You still get a gentle vibration in your pocket as soon as your keyword is mentioned on the web.


Alerts can be set for each keyword group. Tap the exclamation point icon to turn on the app’s native push notifications (like any other app’s notifications on your smartphone), or tap the envelope icon to turn on email notifications (which, you guessed correctly, you receive on your email, so probably on your phone and your computer).


Tip: Email alerts can be set to come in real time (get a separate email in real time for each mention), or in daily or weekly digest emails. Our advice: don’t over-crowd yourself with alerts! Turn on push notification alerts just for groups that contain your most important keywords (like your brand) you wish to track in real time, and for others (your competition) get yourself a digest email with a daily or weekly overview.



Adding Keywords on the Go

Adding keywords inside the mobile app is done by tapping the large plus icon, and simply add your keyword! The keyword will be added to whichever group is active in your feed. To use our more advanced options, to choose a different keyword group or to set up your Important feed, tap Advanced.


The advanced features are laid out in the same way like in our web app. If you’re familiar with the process, you should feel right at home, and if not, luckily there’s a walkthrough for that, too.


And there you have it! Enjoy our Android app and tracking your keywords on the go.

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