Author: Iva Anušić

Part of the Marketing team at Mediatoolkit. Passionate about digital marketing and psychology. Dreams about adopting every shelter dog out there.
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Media monitoring in itself is a great means of getting an insight into any topic of interest. Be it your brand, competitors, or industry in general, you can get to know the ins and outs of virtually everything by tracking relevant online conversations and keeping an eye on the analytics behind them.  Well, there’s even […]
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After recently launching Automated actions that make assigning tags and sentiment to your mentions completely effortless, Mediatoolkit is now packed with yet another new feature! We’ve updated our brand reports with the option to fully customize them and create Branded reports with your own logo, color scheme, title, and so much more. It’s a great […]
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The most successful businesses use multiple channels to communicate with their target audience to spread the word effectively. Overall, those channels can be categorized into paid, earned, owned, and shared media. As per the PESO model, each of these categories has its importance and can be leveraged in certain situations, thus contributing to a balanced […]
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Social listening is the quintessential way to rapidly gain information about consumers’ changing preferences, habits, and expectations. Times like the coronavirus pandemic have shown that social listening truly is an invaluable source of insights for PR and marketing professionals. Yet, a Gartner survey reported that just over 51% of marketing leaders worldwide utilize it. That […]