Author: Klara Gavran

Part of the Mediatoolkit marketing team. Fanfiction and sleep enthusiast dabbling in content creation.
  1. PR & Communications
After 2020 threw everyone a curveball, it might seem counterintuitive to plan communication on a yearly basis. After all, given the unexpected events that happened in the past year alone, how could one plan anything, let alone create an annual communications plan? Well, it’s not as irrational as it might seem. Having an annual communications […]
  1. Online Trends & Analyses
A recent Edelman study confirmed what’s already been obvious for a while: employees are increasingly motivated and driven by their personal beliefs and values.  The last couple of years, as marked as they were by the pandemic and social movements, have shaped the way we look at and interact with our environment – workplace included. […]
  1. PR & Communications
Why is it important to learn about and from real-life crisis management plan examples? Sometimes a crisis happens suddenly and through no fault of your own (remember the Chicago Tylenol murders?), and sometimes you’re very much responsible for the situation you’ve found yourself in (like Burger King’s poorly thought out Women’s Day Twitter thread). Whatever […]
  1. Media Monitoring
  2. PR & Communications
It’s 2021. And if this and the previous year’s events have proven anything, it’s that people expect more from brands. To put it mildly, brands are now, more than ever, observed under a microscope. Every action elicits a reaction. This is why brands have to be especially vigilant in brand monitoring and tracking their online […]