Author: Klara Gavran

Part of the Mediatoolkit marketing team. Fanfiction and sleep enthusiast dabbling in content creation.
  1. Customer Corner
  2. Media Monitoring
Why should you do a competition analysis? Unless you’ve found yourself in the nichest niche, chances are you have not one, but multiple competitors. All of you vying for the attention of the same target audience.  How do you differentiate yourself? What is your competitive advantage? You need to have a vision of how you […]
  1. Marketing
Pharma marketing campaigns are rarely considered fun or creative. “Oh, I just saw the best ad…” were rarely the words spoken about a pharma campaign. Whether it’s due to a sensitive, uncomfortable subject or unremarkable, indistinguishable ad imagery, some pharma ads could be informative at best, “slo-mo walking on the beach” at worst. Pharma marketing […]
  1. Online Trends & Analyses
As is the norm, after Super Bowl commercials air, reviews come pouring in. Both by social media users and media outlets. Everyone pitches in with their two cents, and car commercials are not exempt from this scrutiny. In 2020, automotive marketing took up eight ad spots, and while less than a year before, it left […]