Author: Kinga Edwards

CEO @ Brainy Bees - she thinks insights are everywhere.
  1. Media Monitoring
All too often, we hear about banks that are in trouble because they failed to react quickly to crises that were brewing.  Keeping track of all this coverage can be difficult, so how can banks mitigate any potential reputational damage? Enter media monitoring. 💡 Read Media Monitoring: The Ultimate Guide In the banking industry, this practice […]
  1. Marketing
Do you ever feel like you’re putting all your efforts into your marketing campaign, but you have no idea whether it’s actually working? Well, you’re not alone. Many marketers struggle with campaign tracking – figuring out how to measure the results of their actions. In this blog, we’ll show you how to track your marketing […]
  1. PR & Communications
PR is a dynamic industry. Working in a PR agency almost certainly means that you’re constantly in a fast-paced environment. Often, PR people are focused on creating content and managing relationships with clients and media, which leaves them little time to do the massive task of creating PR reports and presenting them to their boss.  […]
  1. Crisis Management
Have you ever worried about making a business mistake that could destroy your company’s good name?  Because of this possibility, many businesses are cautious about their public relations. Luckily, there are ways to prevent a crisis from happening. The blog below explains what crisis management is and how to implement it. What is crisis management? […]


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