Author: Kinga Edwards

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  1. Marketing
  2. PR & Communications
Running a business is like a roller coaster ride. You have to face ups and downs and face the unexpected. If your business is stagnant or experiencing sales declines, then it might be time to make a change. No matter what kind of business you run, evolution is not an option. Nowadays, it is necessary […]
  1. PR & Communications
Warsaw, Chicago, London, and Beijing – these cities probably don’t need much introduction.  The list of the most popular towns and cities worldwide is rather concise. Cities like Rome and Sydney do not really have to do a lot of advertising anymore to attract millions of people every year, compared to other, smaller ones.  If […]
  1. PR & Communications
Social listening tools are designed to help businesses to monitor and track conversations about their brand, competitors, or products. They can also be useful in the case of political PR campaigns, which is what we’re focusing on today.  Advantages of social listening tools  Some of the best social listening tools can help you find the real-time […]
  1. Media Monitoring
Recently, social media sentiment analysis has played an essential role in US presidential campaigns.  Since people spend their time on social media these days, politicians need to keep an eye on their electorate there as well. As marketers, we’re interested in what people are saying about the brands on social media channels like Twitter and […]
  1. Online Trends & Analyses
Every year, the world of marketing can be distinguished by certain specific trends and consumer behaviors. Without fail, each year something new worth noticing pops out of nowhere, and a fast and hectic run to be among the first pioneers and race to be the introducers of that new ‘thing’, begins.  As we slowly approach […]