Author: Kinga Edwards

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  1. Media Monitoring
Despite trying to deliver the best customer service possible; maximizing a customer’s experience, and performing CSR activities, it seems not to be enough. Brand reputation management is challenging. Customers’ behaviors are constantly changing, and the conversations about you on the Internet don’t stop. It’s time to take control. You may be wondering if there is […]
  1. PR Measurement
Just imagine the world without Google Maps or traditional maps. You wouldn’t be able to determine your position, and taking every step would involve significant risk. It is precisely the same in the case of business. Competitor mapping can work as your roadmap and can show you which actions you should take to improve your […]
  1. Marketing
Marketing technologies… there is probably no marketer who does not use them. Technology facilitates work, speeds up many processes, supports sales, helps to analyze brand mentions on the Internet and thus prevents many crises, organizes webinars, analyzes user behavior online, and manages projects. Marketing technologies not only streamline the everyday work of agencies – they […]
  1. Crisis Communication
Just like various crises can affect people, companies also have to deal with them. The focus of this article is to show you some past crisis communication examples and how companies managed to deal with them.  Research shows that 69% of leaders experienced at least one corporate crisis between 2014 and 2019. This means that […]
  1. Marketing
The times when social media was irrelevant and businesses were present there just for fun are far behind us. Now, the element of entertainment is probably at the very bottom of the list of reasons why companies decide to be active on various social media platforms. Driving sales, increasing brand awareness, and attracting targeted audiences […]
  1. Marketing
  2. Media Monitoring
Customers are increasingly resistant to classic forms of advertising. In an advertisement-saturated market, this attitude is not surprising. At every turn, someone is trying to sell you something – no matter if it’s on the Internet, TV, or a roadside billboard. Brands are starting to realize that certain forms of advertising can annoy their audience, […]