Author: Klara Malnar

Content Creator at Mediatoolkit with a particular interest in marketing, media literacy and fashion.
  1. Customer Corner
One of the most talked-about (and often confusing) social media metrics are reach and impressions. In this blog, we’ll show you how to measure reach and impressions with Mediatoolkit and explain their significance. Both metrics fall into the Reach KPIs for social media along with: Share of voice – the percentage of mentions you hold […]
  1. Customer Corner
When it comes to social media, especially Twitter, having a great communications strategy is a must. If you’re struggling with finding your voice, look no further than your competitors for some inspiration. Conduct Twitter competitor analysis! You’re aiming at the same audience, so picking and choosing the best bits of your competitor’s Twitter strategy can […]
  1. Media Monitoring
There are so many elements that you need to manage while running a political campaign. Public perception, candidates with different personalities, unexpected events, sneaky opponents, and the list goes on. Stakes are high and your every move should be strategic and well thought out. It was never simple running a campaign, but the internet and […]