Author: Klara Malnar

Content Creator at Mediatoolkit with a particular interest in marketing, media literacy and fashion.
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  2. Media Monitoring
We’ll never tire of pointing out the importance of implementing media monitoring into your business activities no matter the industry you’re in. From financial institutions, marketing agencies, politics, and all the way over to NGOs, media monitoring proves to be quite effective in helping you achieve better business results. Pharma marketing is no exception. Pharma […]
  1. Marketing
Imagine a situation in which you can work on bettering your relationships with customers AND get relevant content from them. That is essentially what happens when you implement a good user-generated content marketing strategy (and more!). What started as customers simply sharing their favourite products on social media in various formats (reviews, photos, videos, etc.) […]
  1. Marketing
Whether you’re a market leader or you’re just getting started, creating competitive analysis should be high on your priority list. Competitor tracking provides you with concrete and actionable insights that can help you improve your product or service, discover growth opportunities, attract new customers, and more. Since competitive analysis is one of the most important […]
  1. Customer Corner
Whatever you’re planning on buying, chances are you’re going to check online reviews before making a decision. 93% of buyers do exactly that!  On one hand, customers want to see a lot of online reviews from previous buyers, while companies, on the other hand, are not even sure how to approach online reviews.  Some companies […]