What is the reason some blunt corporate responses go unnoticed, while others tend to go viral and get all the unwanted media attention? Is it possible to prevent a crisis before it catches public interest? How to behave when your brand gets under media scrutiny?

It is true that some crises cannot be predicted (like a president tweeting about your brand).

But the majority can. In fact, the best PR people in the world do it all the time. That’s why you heard about the United Airlines incident, but you didn’t hear about thousands and thousands of similarly bad cases.

The secret lies in recognising patterns that have the potential to lead to a crisis, like increased customer complaints.

  • Why a good reputation can prevent a crisis
  • How to recognise social media posts that will go viral
  • The importance of owned-media channels in preventing a crisis
  • How to adjust your crisis strategy based on media monitoring data
  • How to organise an impromptu crisis center if it strikes

Those and many more questions will be answered on our free webinar on Wednesday,  September 13th at 1 PM GMT. You can register for the webinar here:

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Iva Glavinić
PR & Marketing Manager at Mediatoolkit
Iva works as a marketing & PR manager in Mediatoolkit. She is constantly on the phone, juggling between advertising and communicating with journalists, which often makes her unable to focus on the task at hand, like writing this bio.