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Hashtags were introduced to Twitter in 2007 as a way to categorize messages and allow users to easily find conversations of interest. It didn’t take long for hashtags themselves to start signalling puns, sarcasm or providing additional context. Since their inception, hashtags have been an easy way to navigate through infinite content on social media, […]
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Expect the unexpected they say, but is it really possible? Although it may sound like an oxymoron, crisis management is a vital tactic for every business. Maybe in the 20th century, brands could have discussed whether they needed a whole plan of crisis management steps. Unfortunately, in today’s world when information spreads within seconds, a […]
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In 2021, customers have more channels than ever before on which to communicate with you. Using these channels, customers enter your sales funnel, interact with your brand – and possibly convert.  While this sounds like a good thing in theory (and it is), measuring these channels can be difficult. How do you know which channels […]
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Why is it important to learn about and from real-life crisis management plan examples? Sometimes a crisis happens suddenly and through no fault of your own (remember the Chicago Tylenol murders?), and sometimes you’re very much responsible for the situation you’ve found yourself in (like Burger King’s poorly thought out Women’s Day Twitter thread). Whatever […]