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Every day, each of the representatives of the PR profession has to write various emails in huge amounts. They communicate with clients, journalists, editors, etc. Therefore, a PR specialist simply needs to know the business email etiquette not only in order to look solid and have a good brand reputation but also in order to […]
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Social media, as we all know and witness, has become a major element in business marketing nowadays. Through social media, brands have an opportunity to reach out to their customers all over the globe, shape their brand image, raise their brand awareness, and much more. They are doing it on almost all social media platforms […]
  1. PR Measurement
If you thought digital PR is just another buzzword and haven’t given it a chance, you might be seriously missing out. Although its lines are blurred between digital marketing, social media, and SEO, digital PR is undoubtedly one of the most impactful strategies your business can benefit from.  In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you […]