Word-of-mouth has power, even more than any marketing or advertising method. That’s why your employees can have a big influence on your reputation. They are people from the inside, people who can see all the disadvantages that should not be seen publicly. Public doesn’t like companies which don’t treat their employees accordingly and you have to make sure that inside your organization people are satisfied with working culture and environment in order to ensure they spread a good word to outside world and slowly start building valued credibility. Happy employees will start talking about their company’s product on their own and will basically become a valuable marketing tool for your organization. Make sure you create high quality environment within your organization. Good internal communication is a key for keeping healthy information flow.

Meeting tips:

  • Organize weekly meetings with employees and openly discuss their needs, problems and suggestions within organization, as well what is good and what can be changed.
  • Go through the tasks people were working on the week before so entire team gets familiar with job of everyone involved into project.
  • Schedule the same day and time every week to gather your entire team. That way, everyone will remember that i.e. Mondays 9 AM are reserved for team meeting.
  • Make these meetings informal and relaxed and try to organise upskill sessions so you make sure that everyone is constantly progressing and learning.

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Sometimes this can look like a waste of time but it’s definitely not. It generates the productivity process as satisfied employees are more productive and productivity leads to better results which continues a long chain where one good activity triggers the next one, prompting a successful outcome.

Ensure good client reputation

Alongside the employees there are clients who define entire business and everything should be tailored by their wishes and needs. Clients are expecting the top service for their money so their opinion is usually considered as the most relevant. They will be very judgmental about your organization and everything related. Sometimes even one wrong thing you do around your client can be potential threat to your business because of the social media influence which can spread a word really fast.
Make sure when you promise something you actually keep it. If you say you will give your client a report until tomorrow, do it. If not client can maybe forgive you – but only once! If you do the same mistake second time, most probably there is no coming back and you will lose credit.

Clients are expecting the top service for their money
Clients are expecting the top service for their money

Under the magnifier of bad moves

This is an example of a small lapse you can do, but there are many more lapses you can do when even media has to involve and question your work. So don’t give media a reason to question you – people will start losing trust in you and think you are hiding something. You don’t want to be under the magnifier of bad moves and questionable reputation for every tiny slip you do! Way back is hard, remember that! Without clients there is no business.


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