Main mission of every brand manager should be lead generation. Traditional methods of doing so are through SEO and social media advertising, email marketing and other. In most cases brand managers are so preoccupied with these traditional channels and they often stop searching for other solutions. One of those overlooked solutions is media monitoring.

Businesses that are familiar with media monitoring often use it only to track key people from their organisation, their company/ brands or their competitors, and often forget the fact that they can monitor any topic that crosses their mind including their leads. By leads I mean an individual or organization that expresses an interest in your product or service.
Businesses can use online and social media monitoring to find out detailed information about their lead’s lifestyle, needs and wants. And this information helps them in more targeted marketing.

There are various groups of leads – people searching for your or similar product online, people in need of advice or recommendation on customer reviews sites and even unsatisfied customers of your competitors to mention a few. In this blog post I’m going to explain how you can monitor your prospects and as a result, generate more leads for your business.

Today’s customers no longer look for information in books, brochures or catalogues. What they do nowadays is open their laptop or even just start searching on their smartphone.

People searching for your or similar product online
Today’s customers no longer look for information in books, brochures or catalogues. What they do nowadays is open their laptop or even just start searching on their smartphone. This trend is called Zero Moment Of Truth and was first introduced by Google in 2009 – and it seem to skyrocket.
When customers are interested in some kind of product or simply have a problem, most of them first turn to online media to find information. Why is this so important? If you have real time information (which is easily provided by media monitoring tools) of what are your future customers asking about, you can be the first to offer them solution – and best part is that you are offering them your solution.

People in need of advice or recommendation on forums and customer reviews sites
Nowadays, people are connected more than ever in history which allows word-of-mouth to spread even faster. Customers feel free to ask and also feel free to share their experiences. They exchange positive and negative experiences and trust their peers. Most businesses believe that customer review sites are place for customers only to interact. That’s not true! These kind of sites are one of the best lead generation opportunities for businesses.
For example, you’re in consulting business and you are monitoring forums where people are discussing latest grants funded by European Union which are popular in South-Eastern Europe. People there are seeking advice on which consulting company to chose. Reach out to those people and turn them in your leads. They will feel pretty special if you just approach them, and if you’re information is satisfying, they’ll gladly become your loyal customers.

Unsatisfied customers of your competitors
You shouldn’t forget to pay attention to tracking your competitors and also their unsatisfied customers. Be the first one to offer them your better product or service and also better customer support. Ask them about their problems and win them over even before your competitor learns about it.

To sum up, it is important to remember that lead generation through online media monitoring is an ongoing process. It keeps you awake and requires constant tracking of trends and changes in customer behavior. It also requires a lot of creativity which makes it a lot of fun!


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