Last month, our parent digital agency went through a rebranding process. It is no longer iSTUDIO, now it is Degordian.


Reasons for Rebranding

iSTUDIO has some big plans for an even greater international expansion. However, their name were often confused with being related to Apple Inc. What is more, there are hundreds of companies named iSTUDIO, including Apple resellers, hostess renting companies and even other digital agencies. That is why a .com domain was not available, which is a prerequisite for a multinational company. In the end, they’ve outgrown their perceived status of a social media agency, for they have branched out to offer many specific digital services (including stand-alone products like Mediatoolkit). Realizing that a distinct identity, a recognizable message and an unforgettable name were required, it was time for rebranding.

The New Name and Visual Identity

What makes you curious? Degordians believe that curiosity is the root of all innovation, that it drives users to find out more, click and generally be more active in the digital world. The new slogan and visual identity perfectly capture the spirit of the performance-oriented agency. This rebranding helped them transition from a social media agency to a full service digital agency.

Good luck, Degordian!