Last August, Jägermeister launched an online campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and used Mediatoolkit to track it in real time. This case study showcases Jägermeister’s great campaign results and tips how it used Mediatoolkit during and after the campaign.


Jägermeister already has established itself as a major liquor brand in Bosnia and Herzegovina – not only is it the most sold herbal liqueur in the country, it’s the most sold alcoholic beverage in general. And they’re not stopping, either! This August they’ve launched an innovative campaign called #JMspirit. Lasting the whole month of August, its timeline looked like this:

– campaign announcement at a press conference

– gathering customer photos through social media outlets, including their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts – all photos were shared automatically to a dedicated microsite which also had the option of direct consumer content upload

– generating hype for the special, secret event via YouTube teaser videos

– August 21st – #JMspirit SELECTED party in Sarajevo with Serbian band S.A.R.S., Croatian DJ Pill Jackson and J-Team dancers from Prague.


User photos on the JMspirit micro site.
User photos on the JMspirit micro site.


In order to track their campaign in real time and to get data-driven results when it ended, Jägermeister used Mediatoolkit. Crawling more than 10.071.805 online sources along with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Mediatoolkit searches them for mentions of user-specified keywords. Whenever somebody mentioned Jägermeister and their #JMspirit hashtag, Mediatoolkit picked it up immediately and alerted the campaign manager via email instantly (in real time), and displayed all the mentions chronologically inside its feed.


What Jägermeister got:

– a chronological feed of all web articles (earned media) that were written from press releases they issued, announcing the campaign and teasing the event

– all mentions and the buzz around their campaign on social media (earned media)

– user-shared photos directly from the microsite

– real-time coverage with alerts during the #JMspirit SELECTED party

– party coverage afterwards, full of juicy photos and partygoers’ feedback

– a collection of all PR around the party


Everything it found is exportable and was included in the final report of all mentions, covering the whole campaign.


Campaign Results

Tracking period: August 1 – August 31, 2014

Keyword tracked: JMspirit (case insensitive)

Total number of mentions: 88



The majority of buzz (62.5%) was generated on Twitter, while PR articles followed on the web, taking up 26% of all mentions. The most mentions were found at the start of the campaign right after the press conference and the day after the #JMspirit SELECTED party.


The sentiment analysis proved that people really loved the campaign, sharing their personal photos and, of course, enjoyed the #JMspirit SELECTED party. Not a single negative mention was found, and over 95% positive brand buzz on the web and 92% on Twitter!




There was some valuable insight for future campaigns, too: 34% mentions disregarded the capitalization of letters J and M in #JMspirit and used an all-lowercase hashtag #jmspirit. Tracking user habits across campaigns could provide conclusive evidence of best practices – does an all lowercase hashtag work better than a partially or fully capitalized one?



A simple word cloud was a great opportunity to automatically suggest future keywords relevant to the campaign.


Finally, Jägermeister was able to put Mediatoolkit to use to track its campaign thoroughly, from PR publications to social media buzz, all in real time with alerts. There are two areas it benefited – first, it used real-time media monitoring to track and optimize an extensive online PR campaign. It was ready to react to a potential PR crisis instantly, ready to respond and keep the conversation going, and to track the photo sharing app’s performance (just how many photos were shared and when, which was especially important during the party). The second one was the campaign report at the end of the campaign, with in-depth, data-driven insights valuable for optimizing their future campaigns.

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