In order to be successful you need to be up to date with the latest industry trends, peoples’ needs, competitors and much more. It seems like an exhausting task but there is a solution that will make it much easier. Two words – media monitoring. Here are some of the examples of how media monitoring can help you with making your products and business better and your customers happy.

Key people

With media monitoring, you can easily find out whether your campaign efforts are recognized and talked about among the medical professionals. Also, by using reports you can identify your top 10 influencers and perhaps arrange a collaboration with them. This way you will reach a bigger audience and make your products visible to more people.


Find the channels that your consumers are using to discuss your products. That way you’ll get a first-hand insight into “peoples minds” which will allow you to make informed decisions and better marketing strategies. Also, you can join the conversation and give additional information about your products which your customers and medical professionals will surely appreciate.

Competitors and industry

You shouldn’t focus on following only your brand and product perception, monitor your competitors as well. You can learn a lot by monitoring their product launches, campaign efforts, etc. Detect the mistakes they’ve made and use them into your advantage. See how the customers are reacting to their campaign efforts and adjust yours accordingly. Also, you can use competitive analysis to see how your brand is performing compared to your competitors.

Misinformation and crisis

Pharmaceutical companies often battle with myriad misinformation that floats around the internet. When one gets debunked, another one emerges. It’s like a never-ending cycle. Some of the misinformation can attract a lot of attention and that is a recipe for disaster.  With media monitoring, you can detect all the misinformation that is out there and stop it by giving your consumers truthful and reliable information. Also, every time the number of mentions starts growing unexpectedly, you’ll get notified by e-mail, mobile app notifications and/or Slack. Spike alerts will allow you to act fast and stop the crisis from spreading.


With sentiment analysis, you can track whether mentions of your brand are positive, negative or neutral. That way you can measure your company’s success among the customers. Use three types of sentiment analysis – automatic, effective, and manual to get valuable information that will help you make informed decisions.


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