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Introducing Mediatoolkit Android App

Mediatoolkit Android App

We’re very happy to let everybody know that our Mediatoolkit Android App is available to everybody on Google Play Store! Now you can get native push notifications on your Android smartphone in real time, whenever your brand gets mentioned online.

This is a big day for Mediatoolkit, but also for your brand because it can finally move into your pocket, thanks to our new Mediatoolkit Android app! Why would you want your brand in your pocket, you might ask. Well, supposing you care about your brand (and I suppose you really do), you’ll be happy to learn that mentions of your brand can follow you everywhere you go, thanks to our Android App that’s launching today on the Google Play Store.

Push Notifications Work Beautifully with Your Mediatoolkit Keywords
Here’s how it works: install the app on your Android device, log in with your Mediatoolkit account and turn on push notifications for the keyword groups that are most important to you. After that, simply put your device back in your pocket (assuming that it fits 😉 ) and rest assured – the next time one of your keywords (your brand) gets mentioned on the web or social media, you will instantly receive a push notification. Open the app to read it, and take advantage of all the extra time you’ve got, having discovered the mention this impossibly soon to compose a superior response or be the first to share it.

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Mediatoolkit app is a free download from the Google Play Store – search for it on your Android device or simply click the Google Play button below.

Get it on Google Play

Do note that your device will need at least Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich).

Is there going to be an iOS version, too?
Of course there will, we’re working on it day in and day out. To get informed when it comes out, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page or simply enter “Mediatoolkit iOS app” as your Mediatoolkit keyword to track it.

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