Monitoring online mentions across the internet — from social media channels and forums to chat rooms and websites — is detrimental to help enterprises and organizations stay on top of their game. The tech experts from FinancesOnline recently recognized that Mediatoolkit largely helps in this endeavor, and they awarded us their Great User Experience and Rising Star awards.

Mediatoolkit won FinancesOnline’s Great User Experience and Rising Star award for best social media management software systems as users can effortlessly monitor online mentions regarding their brand, competition, and industry in real time for 24/7. These recognitions are solely given to software solutions that have popular to clients due to its well-designed functionalities, which FinancesOnline described in detail in their review: “There is no need to stay close to the PC to manually scan and scour the Internet for mentions,” said FinacesOnline’s experts. With Mediatoolkit’s browser and mobile versionss, businesses can instantaneously react to online mentions that require immediate action, such as negative mentions that might affect your brand image.

Mediatoolkit also allows users pinpoint which online mention is receiving the most traction. This functionality allows you to bank on opportunities that may further bolster your brand visibility or quickly address negative comments that may ruin your brand reputation.

Mediatoolkit isn’t limited to pinpointing online mentions as users can also create viable strategies with insights acquired from online mentions. This was also one of the reasons our solution was recommended in FinancesOnline social media monitoring tools guide as well.

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