In today’s business world information has a great value and that’s why we believe that every employee of your organization should have an access to relevant information using media monitoring. We managed this overall usability by simplifying the keyword setup, which we’ve explained in previous blog post. At the same time we introduced new powerful reports and analytics to fit the needs and expectations of most experienced PR and marketing professionals.

Report overview
Reports overview

Now that you know how to set up your keyword, select it in the left-sidebar by clicking on it. After selecting the desired keyword, click on the Reports icon in the upper right corner of your dashboard and Report overview is going to show up. In this subcategory of Reports you can find information on Total number of mentions of your keyword or overall number of mentions of all the keywords from selected group. Here you can also find line graphs showing Mentions per day and Mentions per hour.
You can select only desired keywords to make comparative analysis on performance of your keywords. Just click on the keywords below the axis and these keyword will be excluded from the graph.

Reports - SourcesSources is another subcategory of Reports that shows you which sources (Web, Facebook, Twitter or forums) are mentions of your keywords/ groups coming from. In this part of Reports you can find graphs that showing Mentions per day per source, pie chart on Mentions per source, bar chart on Mentions per source per keyword, and also line graphs on Virality average per day, Reach average per day and Interaction average per day.
You can also select only desired sources to make comparative analysis. Just click on the source (Web, Twitter, Facebook, Forum) below the axis and selected sources will be excluded from the graph.

Report - Influencers

It is important for businesses to be aware of influencers in their industry because of influencer oriented marketing strategies. Influencers are defined as the individuals that have influence over potential buyers. In this part of Reports you can find top 10 influencers categorised by: Most frequent sources, Top influencers by average virality, Top influencers by average reach and Top influencers by average interactions.

Report - Sentiment

Sentiment analysis helps you understand customer’s opinions and experiences across various channels. You can classify each mention with Positive, Neutral or Negative label in your feed. After you give labels to specific mentions Mediatoolkit is going to generate automatic report on sentiment analysis which you can find in Sentiment subcategory of Reports. In this part of Reports you can find pie chart showing Sentiment distribution, trendline on Positive, Neutral or Negative Sentiment per day, and also bar charts showing data on Sentiment per keyword and Sentiment per source.
You can also select only desired sentiment to make comparative analysis. Just click on the sentiment label: Positive, Neutral or Negative below the axis and selected sentiment will be excluded from the graph.

Reports - MentionsMentions subcategory of Reports shows you top mentions of your keywords based on highest reach and virality. In this part of Reports you can find 5 mentions that have biggest reach and virality: Top 5 reach and Top 5 virality.
To measure reach, Mediatoolkit uses data about traffic for each web site, number of  Twitter followers and average reach of posts on Facebook. It is important to note that number of shares on Twitter and Facebook increases the number of people that saw the post/ tweet, thus increasing its reach. Also, if the article mentioning you is on the homepage of Website, it is going to have bigger reach than an article that is in some of subcategories. Simply said, reach is our best assessment of number of people who saw that particular mention.

Tags and topics
Reports - Keyword cloud

In this subcategory of Reports you can find Keyword cloud which shows you keywords that are used most often alongside your main keyword. This can help you determine the context in which your keywords are mentioned.


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