1. PR & Communications
Political public relations are definitely not a piece of cake. A changing environment, living under a constant spotlight, paying close attention to every word – that’s the reality of politicians’ lives. Politicians play a notable role in society, which makes everything even more challenging for them. They can fall victim to PR catastrophes at the […]
  1. Marketing
  2. PR & Communications
Although there are several differences between marketing and public relations (PR), many people perceive them to be the same. However, putting an equals sign between them is a mistake. Are you just at the beginning of your marketing journey? It’s worthwhile to understand the fundamental differences between the two. PR and marketing are not the […]
  1. PR & Communications
Despite trying to deliver the best customer service possible; maximizing a customer’s experience, and performing CSR activities, it seems not to be enough. Brand reputation management is challenging. Customers’ behaviors are constantly changing, and the conversations about you on the Internet don’t stop. It’s time to take control. You may be wondering if there is […]

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