1. Ebooks
If you are working in marketing or public relations, you know that the internet has changed how information spreads. More importantly, it’s changed how we track and analyze that information. Hence, the rise of online media monitoring and the related tools. The online world has become a party with around 4.66 billion people attending, and every […]
  1. Analyses
Whether you’re a market leader or you’re just getting started, creating competitive analysis should be high on your priority list. Competitor tracking provides you with concrete and actionable insights that can help you improve your product or service, discover growth opportunities, attract new customers, and more. Since competitive analysis is one of the most important […]
  1. Customer Corner
  2. Media Monitoring
Why should you do a competition analysis? Unless you’ve found yourself in the nichest niche, chances are you have not one, but multiple competitors. All of you vying for the attention of the same target audience.  How do you differentiate yourself? What is your competitive advantage? You need to have a vision of how you […]
  1. Media Monitoring
Does my company need media monitoring, you may ask?  Well, in short, yes it does.  And here’s why… Media monitoring can provide you with valuable information that can help you in the decision-making process. From competitors to industry trends and crisis management, media monitoring has you covered!  Also, it’s not only useful for PR professionals […]
  1. Customer Corner
When we talk about Mediatoolkit’s reports, we often talk about the number of mentions, sentiment analysis, list of influencers, and so on… But, there’s another feature in the reports that can provide you with interesting information about your brand! The feature is Word Cloud! In this blog, we’ll cover all the valuable information about your […]