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Media analysis – you’ve probably heard this term at least once if you’re into digital marketing. You probably have a vague idea that it could help with your PR actions, but how exactly can it influence your strategy and make a difference? The web is full of generic answers to these questions that can’t help […]
  1. Media Monitoring
If you are working in digital marketing, especially in digital advertising, you are probably on the same mission – always chasing that elusive ROI and looking for ways to lower costs and improve the gains. It can be hard at times and there is always room for improvement. And you have probably already tried dozens […]
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“I need to create a custom media report for the client, can I do it?” is a sentence we heard one too many times over the last few years. Answering “no” often left us feeling disheartened. Sure, there were no similar social media monitoring tools that could offer these functionalities, but we were never the […]