media monitoring

  1. Media Monitoring
There are so many elements that you need to manage while running a political campaign. Public perception, candidates with different personalities, unexpected events, sneaky opponents, and the list goes on. Stakes are high and your every move should be strategic and well thought out. It was never simple running a campaign, but the internet and […]
  1. Crisis Communication
  2. Media Monitoring
There may come a time when your company will be faced with a PR crisis. In that situation, it’s important to remember that, while inevitable, it’s not unstoppable or unmanageable. Your crisis communications strategy is often what dictates how a crisis is going to play out. Make no mistake, how you handle a crisis can […]
  1. Media Monitoring
We’ll never tire of pointing out the importance of implementing media monitoring into your business activities no matter the industry you’re in. From financial institutions, marketing agencies, politics, and all the way over to NGOs, media monitoring proves to be quite effective in helping you achieve better business results. Pharma marketing is no exception. Pharma […]
  1. Media Monitoring
Have you ever thought that media monitoring is a buzzword? If yes, it’s high time to debunk this myth. It’s pretty evident that most businesses experienced a vast (and unexpected) shift to digital last year. This influenced consumer behavior, as over 2.14 billion people worldwide now purchase goods and services online daily. Being present online […]