social listening

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If you are working in marketing or public relations, you know that the internet has changed how information spreads. More importantly, it’s changed how we track and analyze that information. Hence, the rise of online media monitoring and the related tools. The online world has become a party with around 4.66 billion people attending, and every […]
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Social listening is the quintessential way to rapidly gain information about consumers’ changing preferences, habits, and expectations. Times like the coronavirus pandemic have shown that social listening truly is an invaluable source of insights for PR and marketing professionals. Yet, a Gartner survey reported that just over 51% of marketing leaders worldwide utilize it. That […]
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If you are working in digital marketing, especially in digital advertising, you are probably on the same mission – always chasing that elusive ROI and looking for ways to lower costs and improve the gains. It can be hard at times and there is always room for improvement. And you have probably already tried dozens […]
  1. Media Monitoring
Whether your area of interest is that of humanitarian, educational, environmental or other character, there are a few common touchpoints in media monitoring for non-governmental organizations (NGOs). In fact, there are six useful ways NGOs can apply media monitoring in their everyday business practice. #1 Monitoring the NGO itself By tracking their brand and brand-related […]