social media crisis

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“Post has been published.” And now there’s no turning back.  We all know the feeling when your heart starts beating faster, and you see things are not going your way. The campaign you created with your team has taken a wrong turn, and a wave of negativity begins to wash over your brand. Every reaction, […]
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There may come a time when your company will be faced with a PR crisis. In that situation, it’s important to remember that, while inevitable, it’s not unstoppable or unmanageable. Your crisis communications strategy is often what dictates how a crisis is going to play out. Make no mistake, how you handle a crisis can […]
  1. Crisis Communication
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Oh, so *it* happened.  That one comment. That post published on your social media profile. That message which started the fire. Welcome to the world of social media crisis management. Can you fully avoid entering it? Probably not. Can you minimize its impact? You sure can, once you’re armed with some useful social media crisis […]
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If you are working in digital marketing, especially in digital advertising, you are probably on the same mission – always chasing that elusive ROI and looking for ways to lower costs and improve the gains. It can be hard at times and there is always room for improvement. And you have probably already tried dozens […]