user generated content

  1. Marketing
Imagine a situation in which you can work on bettering your relationships with customers AND get relevant content from them. That is essentially what happens when you implement a good user-generated content marketing strategy (and more!). What started as customers simply sharing their favourite products on social media in various formats (reviews, photos, videos, etc.) […]
  1. Customer Corner
We’ve previously written about why media monitoring is important for content creation. In this blog, we’ll cover how media monitoring can help you improve your user-generated content strategy. There are so many strong arguments on why brands should implement UGC in their marketing strategy – building connections and trust with your customers, having unique and […]
  1. Marketing
Influencers are the new pop stars today. Millions of people want to be like their favorite bloggers: watch the same movies, eat at the same places, buy the same clothes. It’s difficult to underestimate the power of the content they share.  However, not only influencers’ content can boost your business. User-generated content (UGC) by ordinary […]
  1. Marketing
How well do marketers really know their consumers? Contrary to (our) popular belief, not very well. A study by Stackla has raised some very interesting points for all those feeling rather confident about the content they produce for their desired audience. The most important being: there’s a noticeable gap between the content marketers create and […]