On Thursday, Tesla got people wondering with the abrupt suspension of sales of their cars. If you wanted to buy a car and pressed the buying button it directed you to a teaser page that looked like this:

Two days earlier, Elon Musk sorta announced that something will happen on Thursday at 2 pm. At first, people thought that the tweet was about his ongoing legal troubles, so he clarified later in a thread that the tweet was actually about Tesla.

It wasn’t long before people started speculating what the announcement was going to be about.

Some pages even made polls so the people can predict what’s going to happen.

In the end, Tesla delivered on the 2016 promise that they’ll cut Model 3 price to US$35,000. Previous cheapest Model 3 was US$42,900. This price cut didn’t come without some consequences. In a statement, Musk announced that they’ll shift all sales online and close the majority of their stores.

The reaction

The news, expectedly, caused a spike in the number of mentions of Tesla which you can see in the graph below. Tesla was overall mentioned over 370 000 times with the number of impressions going up to 4.5 billion.

As you can see from the graph below, 50.8% of the mentions were from Twitter, followed by Web.

Furthermore, Tesla caught interest and sparked the conversation all over the world. As expected, it was predominately discussed in the USA with the number of mentions going up to 211,542, followed by Spain (21,347), Italy (17,725), and Russia (17,679).

The new Model 3 was also discussed a lot, with the number of mentions reaching over 24,000. As you can see from the chart below, people had overall positive reactions to the new Tesla car. There was 61.9% of positive mentions and 38.1% negative mentions.

The news was covered by major news outlets such as BBC News, CNN, The New York Times, Reuters and many more.

In conclusion

Everything surrounding Tesla or its owner Elon Musk usually attracts a lot of attention of the online community and media and this announcement was not the exception. Also, the suspensions of the sales of the rest of their car lines added to the mystery of what’s going to happen next.

Were you a part of the group wondering in excitement what will be the next step for Tesla? Let us know.


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