The ever-growing influence of TikTok is undeniable. From guiding consumer purchase decisions to expanding the scope of business communications, this video-sharing and live-streaming app has become an incredible marketing channel that raises brand awareness to a whole new level.

That’s why we at Mediatoolkit recognized an increasing need of supporting your business endeavors by adding TikTok to our monitoring portfolio of more than 100 million online sources. 

We are happy to announce that you can now track TikTok with Mediatoolkit and thus have a complete overview of relevant mentions on all social media channels!

Let’s dive in and see how you can monitor, filter, and analyze your TikTok mentions.

Getting started with TikTok monitoring

Be it keywords, hashtags, or specific profiles; you can now track them all across TikTok with Mediatoolkit. 

💡 Make sure to include the # with your hashtags to ensure an exact match.

TikTok monitoring is available on all plans and no integration is required to track the source.


Once you start tracking TikTok, Mediatoolkit will collect the following data:

  • Description
  • Author
  • URL
  • Create time
  • Like count
  • Comment count
  • Sticker text (content added through the app stickers feature).

What cannot be tracked is the content or text hardcoded in the video during its creation.


You will also be able to track the following metrics:

  • Reach (number of times a TikTok video has been played)
  • Interactions (sum of Shares, Comments, and Likes)
  • Engagement rate
  • Influence score.

In addition, when you select a specific mention, a few additional statistics:

  • Plays (a number of times a TikTok video has been played)
  • Likes (a number of times a TikTok video has been liked)
  • Comments (a number of comments on a TikTok video)
  • Shares.

Historical data

Once you create your query and start tracking TikTok, you will have access to historical data from the past 30 days.

How to start tracking TikTok?

TikTok will be enabled by default for all your new queries. As always, you can choose whether you want to include or exclude it as a source.

For existing queries, we recommend editing your current query setup to ensure whether TikTok is enabled or disabled as a tracked source, as per your preference. 

How to filter results by TikTok?

To refine what results you choose to view in your feed, we encourage you to use filters. All filters can be combined to provide you with the most accurate results you can then inspect and export.

As a new addition to our vast selection of available filters, TikTok is located in the Sources section of the Filters sidebar on the right of your feed. 

For example, if you track brand mentions across the web and social media, but want to see only your TikTok mentions, simply go to the list of filters by Source and check the TikTok box only.

You can further filter results by utilizing the Influence score, Location, or Language filters, for instance. There are numerous ways you can narrow down results for your TikTok tracking–and this is something that TikTok itself doesn’t enable you to do from the platform itself.

Once you’re satisfied with the filtered results, you can also check the box in the lower-right corner of every mention to:

  • Save them as a Collection 
  • Change the sentiment of selected mentions
  • Add tags to selected mentions
  • Export selected mentions
  • Delete selected mentions. 

To conclude

Being the fastest-growing social media platform and having by far the greatest engagement in comparison to other social media, TikTok is well-worthy of exploring as a potential marketing channel.

With Mediatoolkit, you can rest assured that tracking, filtering, and analyzing TikTok mentions is a breeze. Tons of useful content on using TikTok will be available in the following weeks, but if you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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