With the average person spending more than 5 hours a day on mobile, media monitoring shouldn’t be a desktop-only thing. We’ve updated our Mediatoolkit iOS app to reflect this belief. Modern-day professionals should have their social listening data accessible wherever they go, without having to open their desktop browser. So, if you want an easy and quick way to perform social listening activities, download our new Mediatoolkit app on the App Store.

You can add new social listening queries, do an impromptu analysis during a team brainstorming session, or simply check your sentiment data during the morning commute.

Here are all features of the new Mediatoolkit iOS app:

  • Add new queries
  • Manage queries and folders
  • Turn on push alerts
  • View engagement data
  • Total number of mentions graph
  • Trends by source data
  • Auto sentiment data
  • Keyword cloud

We’ve also updated the app’s design. Here is what it looks like now:

mediatoolkit social listening iOS app

It’s interesting to see how everything on the internet is quickly changing to mobile-first, even in the SaaS business environment, where you’d typically expect things to move a bit slower.

Our original version was a read-only app, primarily meant for existing customers. However, it seems that that the amount of business professionals who want to perform more complex tasks even when they are “away from keyboard” is rapidly rising. These professionals need the functionality of their mobile apps to rival their desktop solutions.

And the Mediatoolkit iOS app is built exactly for that.

the new mediatoolkit ios app reports

You can upgrade your app on the App Store.

If you don’t have a Mediatoolkit iOS app yet, just click here to install.


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