Remember that time when somebody told you it is really important to Google yourself? Yes, we do agree it is of extreme importance to be in the control of your online presence – that is one of the reasons why we developed Mediatoolkit. On the other hand, the way to control this isn’t by Googling constantly.
Media monitoring; time-saving solution
Much better and time-saving solution is media monitoring. Media monitoring is activity of monitoring the output of both your media efforts alongside your earned media. It includes the collection of data from owned media (for example your Facebook page) and online customer sources such as forums, blogs, news etc. It’s important to monitor those online sources because they inform you how your product or service is perceived by users or general public. Simply said, Mediatoolkit notifies you every time you are mentioned anywhere online.
When designing your media monitoring strategy, you shouldn’t forget that there are other equally important categories that you should monitor everyday: your competitors – key people from their organisations and their brands, their unsatisfied customers, and of course news and trends from industry. You couldn’t possibly manage all that just by Googling!
Once you set up your keywords, our tool does all the work
It may seem that whole process of media monitoring is difficult to manage. You already have enough tasks to deal with, and you don’t need any extra work. So you need for this information to be served in simplest way possible. Fast-paced lifestyle requires access to this information whenever you’re on desktop or on a go. You need to be alerted if something important is going on, or if there is a crisis on its way – you need this information in real time.


Mediatoolkit provides you with all the benefits mentioned above, and more! Yes, a little input from you is required and it is going to take you some time, but once you set up your keywords, our tool does all the work for you. It’s created in a user-friendly way and gives you all the mentions of your brand in one simple dashboard. Cool thing is you can easily export all of those mentions and create reports on your online efforts in just a few clicks. These reports include a lot of data behind every mention such as sentiment, virality, reach and data on social interaction of each mention (number of likes, comments, shares, tweets…). Our reports feature also gives you more information on top sources, influencers, and the context you are mentioned in.
Start tracking your competitors and industry
You can access all of your mentions even when you’re on the go – via our Android app, and you can track your competitors, their unsatisfied customers and news from your industry in the same way with all the benefits mentioned above and you can rest assured you are in the complete control not only of your, but also of your competitors online presence.

Get notified immediately when you are mentioned anywhere online!
Mediatoolkit is media monitoring tool that tracks relevant mentions of your brand across the web and social media in real time.
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