After you setup your query select it in the left sidebar of your screen. When query’s feed shows up, click on Edit filters button at the end of the query description. Now you can change the name of your query so you can easily find it later. In this section you can also set up other advanced filters. If you’re interested in mentions in particular Language(s) only, now is the time to set up this filter. If you want to track mentions from particular Author just type in journalist's name (for web) or Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ Youtube name (for social media). You can also pick a Location from which your mentions come from. To filter out your results further, block Domains (you can block a specific site or the whole top level domain-TLD) from which you don’t want to receive any mentions. You can also select from which Sources - Web, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. you want to get mentions from.

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