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Enter a query

Enter any keyword combination. Example: track the name of your company, brand, or competitors.
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Our crawlers go to work

Our crawlers check more than 100 million online sources to see if anyone recently mentioned your query.
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View results in feed

Seconds later, you get a link to the website or a social media profile where the brand was mentioned.
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Get engagement statistics

The tool collects additional data about each mention, like location, engagement, author, and reach.
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Sort your mentions

Filter results for easier viewing: by source, date, reach or virality.
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Analyse brand reputation

Compare sentiment, number or influencer score of your queries to see which one performs the best.
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Create reports in minutes

Choose the most important data and export it in engaging, easy-to-understand graphic visuals.
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Keep getting notified

Mediatoolkit continues to crawl the web for new results. You’ll be notified when something new comes up.