The most reliable, quick, and flexible media monitoring API on the market

Have full control over how, when, and where you acquire and use media intelligence. Whether you’re after raw volumes of data or specific mentions and analytics, you can easily refine the results and integrate them into your website, reports, or any tools of your choice.

  • Unlimited users, keywords, and data reports
  • Crawling speed from 5 minutes to 2 hours
  • Add new sources on request.

A solution fully tailored to your needs

Choose a streaming API, REST API, or both. Use REST API and streaming API to create a full-scope media intelligence solution.

  • Up to 10 API requests per second or 100 requests per minute
  • Data delivered in JSON format
  • Metadata includes:

Global multilingual coverage with precise text extraction

Gather relevant web data to boost your reports, apps, or a custom analytics solution. Mediatoolkit’s proprietary crawler technology collects approximately 35 million mentions on a 24-hour basis across more than 100 million online sources.

  • Sentiment in 47 languages
  • Boolean operators
  • Deduplication capabilities.
No hidden costs, full transparency
What you see (and test) is what you get.
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The utmost customer support experience you’ll ever get.

As a client, you get a guided onboarding supported by various educational and informational materials to ensure you start maximizing your investment from day one.

  • Email, chat, and phone support with a first response time under two minutes during working hours
  • Setup assistance and consulting services anytime you need it
  • Direct communication and technical support with a designated contact person.
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