First, you need to open "Alert setting".

#Slack integration step 1

In the right dropdown menu, select "Slack channel".

#Slack integration step 2

Since this is the first time you're integrating our Slack application, you'll need to add our integration to your Slack team. Click "Add to Slack".

#Slack integration step 3

You will be redirected to Slack authorization window. You'll need to give us permissions to post to one of your channels. Select the desired channel, and click "Authorize".

#Slack integration step 4

After you have successfully authorized Mediatoolkit integration, you will be redirect back to "Alert settings"

#Slack integration step 5

Next to every group, you'll have gear icon. Click the gear icon for desired group and check "Real Time".

#Slack integration step 6

Congratulations! You have successfully integrated Mediatoolkit with your Slack team. Your mention alerts will now be posted from our Mediatoolkit bot to the channel you authorized.