Amnesty International is a human rights organization whose ultimate objective is to stop human rights violations. They aim to protect people whose rights are violated by governments, but also to encourage people in taking a stand against those violations. They hope to make the world a place where people can feel safe and enjoy equality and diversity.

Amnesty international uses publicity to influence situations and make a change. They make human rights violations public, engage people to take action and influence policymakers. Determining the media settings, finding allies and objective reporting is crucial for their success. Mediatoolkit helps them in this endeavor.

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A solution that would help them monitor how media writes about their cause and whether their communication is received correctly. They wanted to know what people are saying about them on social media and how they are changing the public discourse. With the general audience being the target for their campaigns, it’s very important for them to cover as many media outlets as possible. With Mediatoolkit providing data from more than 100 million sources, the insights provided are plentiful and the media image all-encompassing.

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Mediatoolkit can find social media and website mentions instantly, and the filters make it easy to sort them by reach and virality. By searching for a large number of keywords, Mediatoolkit provides real-time updates about the latest news, all sorted according to relevance.

On average, Mediatoolkit finds approximately 2000 mentions per day, with approximately 15% coming from social media. The mentions are delivered via sets of emails, but they can also be found inside the tool itself.

It would take hours to go through each piece of news to decipher which are the most popular and relevant for Amnesty International. With Mediatoolkit, the selection is done in minutes.

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“Mediatoolkit helps build a good picture of the media landscape around your organization and therefore helps make more accurate decisions, react quickly and have a clearer image of the media profile of your organization. Additionally, and very importantly, it allows you to create valuable reports - helpful for strategy development and when presenting your vision to management and peers."
Maria Guryeva, Media and Communications Officer