Success is a communications consultancy based in El Salvador, Central America. While they offer a number of different services, they are mainly focused on Crisis Prevention and Management and Internal Communications solutions.

Success Communications Consultancy believes in the power of reputation - an intangible value that can have either good or bad implications for organizations. As such, they use Mediatoolkit to maintain a positive brand image for their clients.

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One of their clients is Cinemark El Salvador, an international movie theater franchise, and they were looking for an in-depth analysis of their social media performance. More precisely, they wanted to know more about what their users were talking about regarding movies and different topics that could help them boost sales. In El Salvador, there are two strong international movie theaters companies that compete every day to become the market leaders. That’s how Success Communications Consultancy came up with the idea of creating a “Social Listening Room” for Cinemark. The first step was to decide what topics to monitor and classify the queries in order to have a complete data analysis.

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How did Mediatoolkit help Success' client Cinemark

After a month of active social listening using Mediatoolkit, it was time for the release of one of the most anticipated movies of summer. Cinemark had the same idea as their competitor - for a purchased food combo, you’d get squeezes of that movie. By monitoring the conversations around this topic, it was discovered that people liked Cinemark’s squeezes better. More importantly, however, they’ve discovered that people thought both theirs and the food combo of their competitor, was too expensive. That’s when they’ve decided to reduce the prize of their combo and results were immediate - in a few days they’ve sold out all the squeezes and people were asking for more.

Another important aspect of social listening, as they’ve discovered, is detecting what people think and say about Cinemark’s different services and digital platforms (their website and app, as well as the option to purchase tickets online), as this helped their client improve their service.

With Mediatoolkit, Cinemark and Success continue to monitor online conversations and are now in the process of incorporating the accumulated data into their strategic business planning for the next year.

What they are saying now
“As consultants, we always aim towards our clients' success. Mediatoolkit helps us back our advice with data, and ensure we lead our clients the right way."
Jaime García Oriani, Communications and Public Relations Consultant