The Center for missing and exploited children is a non-profit established in 2006 in Osijek.

The Center handles sensitive matters of protection of children and rights of children, including their protection on the internet. Mediatoolkit helped them respond to the challenge of monitoring the internet for topics of interest to the Center.

Name of company
The Center for missing and exploited children
Non-government organization
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What the client needed

The growth of internet has led to an increased number of news that are important for the work and advancement of the Center, but tracking them manually presented an impossible task. They opted for Mediatoolkit in order to save time, but also to get a lot of new information that their previous solutions could not find.

Topics they monitor

About the project

The growth of internet has led to new forms of socially unacceptable behaviors that have a significant impact on the development of children and youth. This is why the Center has to be in touch with issues arising on social media and websites, in order to react on time and identify growing trends.

Before switching to Mediatoolkit, the employees used Google Alerts, but the tool did not provide as many results. They also manually searched for trends via search engines and Google Trends, which took up a lot of time. Mediatoolkit enables them to do it all in seconds, with the added benefit of, previously unavailable, social media monitoring. Since the tool also provides sentiment analysis, the employees can know and react to public opinion on sensitive matters of children's rights.

What the client is saying
We are able to reach more mentions in a faster and a simpler way.
Boris Radanović, Coordinator