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Monitor your competitors, industry news, and market trends in real-time

Keep a complete overview of existing and emerging market players and industry leaders to leverage best practices and strategies, spot the latest trends, and stay one step ahead.
  • 24/7 coverage across 100+ million online sources in any language or location, including social media, websites, blogs, forums, comments, and more
  • View all relevant mentions in a single feed
  • Get real-time mention notifications and automatic virality alerts via email, Slack, or Mediatoolkit mobile application.
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Understand consumer behavior and what guides their purchase decisions

Stay on top of ever-changing consumer needs, wants, and preferences to learn more about how your target audience’s behavior compares to your competitors’ and identify growth opportunities.
  • Benchmark performance across different channels and sources
  • Measure how your messaging resonates with online audiences
  • Leverage your competitors’ weaknesses and turn dissatisfied customers into your leads.
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Build a data-driven strategy based on actionable insights

A ready-made Competitive analysis and endless abilities to create custom charts and dashboards unlock the world of opportunities that only you are privy of.
  • Measure the share of voice, share of impressions, and more
  • Advanced sentiment analysis provides context to brand perception
  • Instantly create stunning branded reports that comprehensively present data to all relevant stakeholders.