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Get real-time and virality alerts via email, Slack, or your phone

Be it an unusual increase in online coverage or a brewing crisis, Mediatoolkit will ensure you stay on top of every event that may affect your brand and prepare a timely response.
  • Set up alerts and digests for an unlimited number of users
  • Customize the frequency of your alerts to your liking
  • Mediatoolkit mobile app for monitoring on the go.
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Never miss out on a single mention

Our proprietary crawling technology tracks and delivers every relevant post or article to your feed, making it easy to be aware and in control of any developing situation.
  • Unparalleled global coverage of 100+ million online sources, including social media, websites, blogs, forums, comments, and more
  • Real-time monitoring in any language or location
  • Easily add new sources on request.
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Empower your crisis communications plan with unique, actionable insights

The most in-depth and customizable data analytics in any media monitoring tool on the market help you spot trends and patterns and present comprehensive data to relevant stakeholders.
  • Advanced sentiment analysis, competitive analysis, and much more
  • Instantly create stunning branded reports tailored to your needs
  • Automate the reporting process and save precious time.