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Collect, filter, and analyze data in real-time

Scan the entire internet or monitor specific sources and profiles to gain insights into any topic of interest and boost your decision-making process with a sprinkle of media intelligence magic.
  • Real-time tracking in any language or location
  • Precise monitoring powered by advanced Boolean operators and search filters
  • Filter results by keywords or phrases, date range, source, sentiment, tags, location, language, reach, virality, interactions, engagements, influencers, and authors.
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The most in-depth, customizable media intelligence analytics platform

Leverage ready-made report templates to cover basic, advanced, and competitive analysis needs, or create custom charts and dashboards with over 2000 data points at your fingertips.
  • Interactive charts and graphs reveal even more detailed information about each data segment
  • Measure sentiment, engagement, impressions, reach, share of voice, and more
  • Automate assigning tags and sentiment to easily categorize your mentions.
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Choose how you share and export data

Bespoke branded reports, schedulable report digests, and a host of other equally impressive reporting capabilities enable you to fully control how and to whom you report your insights.
  • Invite unlimited users and assign them a desired level of access
  • Automate sending report digests to relevant stakeholders
  • Export data as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, email, JPEG, and PNG.