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Conduct ad-hoc research in real-time

Dive deep into any topic, market, or industry and collect raw, unfiltered data packed with actionable insights faster than you could ever do with interviews, surveys, or focus groups.
  • Unparalleled global coverage across 100+ million online sources, including social media, websites, blogs, forums, comments, and more
  • Real-time tracking in any language and location
  • Our proprietary crawling technology tracks and delivers mentions directly into your feed, a single place for all results.
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Gain a deeper understanding of consumer behavior

Collect granular data on consumer preferences, pain points, and habits to empower PR and marketing efforts, improve products and services, and directly impact company growth.
  • Unlimited keywords and users
  • Advanced Boolean operators and search filters by source, language, location, sentiment, author, and influence score
  • Filter results by keywords or phrases, date range, source, sentiment, tags, location, language, reach, virality, interactions, engagements, influencers, and authors.
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Predict changes in consumer needs and preferences

Identify trends, patterns, and market expansion opportunities with the help of the most in-depth, customizable set of data analytics on the market and automate reporting to stakeholders.
  • Custom charts and dashboards with over 2000 data points
  • Gauge detailed public sentiment towards any topic
  • Benchmark performance of competitors, brands, campaigns, hashtags, and more.