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Monitor brand mentions across the web and social media

Mediatoolkit enables you to identify and engage in every single relevant online conversation, article, or post that shapes your reputation and stay in control of your brand’s online presence.
  • Real-time monitoring and mention alerts help predict and prevent crises
  • Track keywords and phrases or specific sources and profiles in any language or location
  • View and filter results from more than 100 million sources in one feed.
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Track competitors, key trends, and changes in consumer behavior

Proactively monitor competitors’ activities, industry news and trends, and ever-changing consumer needs, wants, and preferences to optimize your messaging and positioning.
  • Measure sentiment, engagement, impressions, reach, share of voice, and more
  • Identify top users and media by the number of mentions, reach, sentiment, and source
  • Benchmark the performance of competitors, brands, campaigns, hashtags, and more with our Competitive analysis report.
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Create stunning branded reports in seconds

Choose between ready-made reports or create bespoke datasets and share your findings as a branded report packed with engaging, easily digestible data and actionable insights.
  • Unlimited custom charts, dashboards, and Branded reports
  • Automate sending report digests to relevant stakeholders
  • Export data as PDF, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, email, JPEG, and PNG.