As of Wednesday, November 6th, we’re making some changes in tracking your Twitter mentions. As you may have noticed, so far, there have been instances of finding mentions on Twitter with a delay or not finding them at all.

We did our best to improve the coverage, and, with a bit of help from Twitter support, we did it. From now on, you can expect better and faster Twitter coverage. But, to enable the new type of tracking, you will need to connect your business’ Twitter account to Mediatoolkit

The Twitter account has to be connected to a business email. That will not let us post anything in your name, nor see any of your personal or confidential messages. We will not get access to any of your inboxes. It’s an action required to enhance your monitoring experience.

Next time you log into Mediatoolkit, you will see a popup asking you to Connect your Twitter account to Mediatoolkit. All you need to do is click “Keep tracking Twitter” and confirm your Twitter credentials. If by chance you accidentally already closed the pop-up, you can find the Twitter integration necessary to keep tracking Twitter in

Settings —> Integrations —> Twitter.

This action should be done by Friday, November 8th. It will no longer be possible to collect Twitter mentions without connecting your Twitter account to Mediatoolkit. If you don’t connect your Twitter account to Mediatoolkit, on Saturday, November 9th, your search will be paused.

In case of any questions, feel free to let us know.

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