South Central Ventures is an organization specialised in finding interesting projects and startups in central and eastern Europe, as well as in investing in them to ensure their success. Their main goal is to raise the value of the companies they invest in, therefore raising the value of investors’ money.

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South Central Ventures
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How do they use Mediatoolkit

South Central Ventures invests in startups of the entire SEE region which is why they find it impossible to track activities of each one individually. Mediatoolkit, however, helps them track all online mentions of each company individually which is how they get all the necessary information. This way, they gain access to an overview of their companies’ PR activities, while also finding PR opportunities for other companies. Using Mediatoolkit not only makes it easier to track everything media writes about their clients, but it also places more importance on the use of social media.

Furthermore, South Central Ventures supports their startups even in their PR and marketing activities. With Mediatoolkit, they are able to constantly track markets, i.e. their startups’ industries, as well as directly search for both influencers and media channels open for cooperation. Even though they operate in dozens of different industries, this tool in particular helps them track all new opportunities without the fear of missing out on even one.

Startups are often mentioned in media which is why there’s always a possibility of unauthorized or unannounced posts of various reviews and research. Mediatoolkit makes it possible to track and use all those mentions in a way most profitable for companies. For instance, it’s possible to discover media outlets the startup hasn’t worked with yet, or to share a newly-found positive story on the social media so it reaches much larger audience than expected.

What they are saying now
Managing dozens of projects simultaneously isn’t possible without the tools like Mediatoolkit. Just tracking mentions of all the projects we’ve invested in would be very time consuming, even without processing the collected data. This way, Mediatoolkit makes our work easier.
Krunoslava Ivanković, Chief Culture Officer