WWF Adria has been active in the Dinaric Arc region for more than 15 years, working in eight separate countries. They chose Mediatoolkit because of the tool’s abilities to monitor mentions from several languages and countries from a same account, which enables them to easily access all relevant public information from the same place.

WWF Adria also tracks topics concerning environment protection from the rest of the world as well.

WWF Adria
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How WWF uses Mediatoolkit

WWF With its head office in Zagreb, Croatia, WWF Adria works in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo, Slovenia and Serbia. WWF Adria is a branch of, and acts through, the WWF Mediterranean Programme established by WWF International to protect forests, marine and freshwater ecosystems in the Mediterranean. They collaborate on and lead projects in more than 12 countries, both on policy issues and communication.

Communication activities are a significant part of WWF’s activities, and the Communications Department uses Mediatoolkit to find important topics concerning protection of environment. For example, they monitored the media and found news on the razor-wire fence being set up between Croatia and Slovenia to prevent refugees from illegally crossing over. WWF Adria’s employees monitored the topic in media and responded with a warning that the border was threatening wildlife and endangering cross-border habitats. The foreign media gained interest the topic as well, further raising awareness of the cause.

As one of Mediatoolkit’s great advantages, they see the ability to cover news from several markets as once. This is both because the organisation is regional in character, but also because they need to monitor news from the world to stay in touch with recent events.

Since all team members can use Mediatoolkit at the same time, everyone is on the same page when it comes to receiving relevant information. WWF says that it has made the process faster and more advanced, and most importantly: that it saved a significant amount of time, enabling them to focus on the strategic efforts of the organization.

Mediatoolkit has significantly reduced the amount of time we spend on monitoring news from websites and social media, enabling us to be more focused on other, more important PR activities.
Petra Boič Petrač, Communications Manager